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Protector of the North

36 x 48 inches
Oil on Linen
$17500 USD

It was evening and I was scouting out a place to paint the following morning when I happened upon a mountain lion at the South Rim of Grand Canyon. It was in the area I wanted to be painting the next day, but after seeing it I didn't want to be painting alone in that area. I had never put an animal into any of my paintings of Grand Canyon before, but the idea kept visiting my mind. It took a couple of years to get the time to do research on mountain lions. I used the male cougar from the Desert Museum in Tucson as my model. The title is based on Native American belief that the mountain lion represents this power of the sacred direction of the North.

To inquire about this painting please contact the studio at (928)606-7099
or email - brenda@brendahowellart.com