B  R  E  N  D  A     H  O  W  E  L  L

C a n y o n s  &  W e s t e r n  L a n d s c a p e s

Light Play on Zoroaster Temple


South Rim Splendor

30 x 40 inches
Oil on Canvas
$12000 USD


I love to paint at Grand Canyon so much that I decided to move there in 1999 and took a job with what used to be the Fred Harvey Company. I only meant to stay for one year but I ended up living and working there for four years. I would gaze on Zoroaster Temple every day as it is prominently in view from the South Rim. It is exciting to see the cloud shadows expose and obscure the forms in the Canyon.

To inquire about this painting please contact Hueys Fine Art at 505.820.6063
or email - brenda@brendahowellart.com