B  R  E  N  D  A     H  O  W  E  L  L

C a n y o n s  &  W e s t e r n  L a n d s c a p e s


G r a n d   C a n y o n   P a i n t i n g s

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Light Play on Zoroaster Temple

South Rim Splendor
30x40 inches

Morning Along the Rim
12x16 inches

Grand Canyon Magnificence
24x30 inches - SOLD

Grand Canyon Snow and Light
30x40 inches - SOLD

Walhalla Plateau 3 - Fast Moving Clouds

Walhalla Plateau #3
16x12 inches

Break of day east rim study
8x10 Inches

west rim afternoon

West Rim Afternoon
48x72 inches

Toroweap 12

Toroweap #12
40x30 inches

Grand Canyon Rocky Inspiration
24x30 inches

north rim moonlight

North Rim Moonlight
11x14 inches

Walhalla Plateau #2
16x12 inches

North Rim Tree #3

North Rim Tree #3
30x40 inches

Here comes the sun
24x36 inches

Color Study Zoroaster #1
8x10 Inches

Color Study Zoroaster #2
8x10 Inches - sold

Snowy Canyon Afternoon

Snowy Canyon Afternoon
6x6 inches = Sold

Unkar Delta Cloud Shadows

Unkar Delta Cloud Shadows
6x6 inches - sold

Grand Canyon - On the River

On the River (Redwall at River Level)
12x9 inches